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2022 Event Recordings

We hope that you will be enriched by watching one or all of these recordings

Recordings appear in the sequence in which the events were held.

Watch the 2022 Event Recordings:

(Click the name of the event below you would like to watch.)

Opening Prayer Service  –  Every Tribe and Tongue  –  Symposium

Thinking Allowed  –  Closing Worship

Opening Prayer Service

Click the Video Image below to watch a recording of the EBW 2022 Opening Prayer Service from Tallaght University Hospital Oratory
Led by: Fr John Kelly: director of pastoral care at Tallaght University Hospital

Every Tribe and Tongue

Click the Video Image below to watch a recording of the EBW 2022 ‘Every Tribe and Tongue’ event

Celebrating the diversity of Christian expression throughout Ireland
Facilitated by: Rev. Philip McKinley: The Church of Ireland

SYMPOSIUM – Listen to the Word

Click the Video Image below to watch a recording of the EBW 2022 ‘Symposium’ event

Listen to the Word
Listening to the Word leads us to connect with those on the margins of society.
The Presenters will reflect on this theme and open up the topic for participation by attendees.

Thinking Allowed

Click the Video Image below to watch a recording of the EBW 2022 ‘Thinking Allowed’ event

What is my personal vision of a New Pentecost?
Church leaders and others working on the margins give their personal visions
of what a new movement of the Spirit might mean in today’s world.

Closing Worship Service

Click the Video Image below to watch a recording of the EBW 2022 ‘Closing Worship’ event

We were thrilled that Rock Solid Church, Dublin.
Agreed to Host our EBW 2020 Closing Worship Event.
The service was led by our Host, Pastor Emmanual Might.
with Fr. Kieran O’Mahony bringing The Message.
Also Supported by Sr. Éibhlís NicUaithuas from The Daughters of Charity.

That completes all 5 Recordings Videos from Ecumenical Bible Week 2022

Downloadable PDF Resources EBW 2022

EBW Opening Prayer Booklet

Download this booklet to read and follow along with our Opening Event on Tuesday 7th June.

Download PDF – Opening Event Booklet

EBW Bookmark

This bookmark can be printed (8 to a page to save printing costs – Just print double-sided/flip along long edge) that groups, etc can print and distribute.

Download PDF – Printable Bookmark

Scripture Prayer Gathering

This Scripture prayer gathering that can be done that week in communities, families, groups, parishes, etc.
(Can be printed doublesided / flip along the short edge)  –

Download PDF – Scripture Prayer Gathering

EBW Children’s Resource

A children’s liturgy for Sunday school or Primary schools

Download PDF – Children’s Resource

EBW Youth Resource

A youth resource for Youth Groups / Secondary Schools

Download PDF – Youth Resource

EBW Prayer 2022

Prayer for EBW 2022

Lord, may we be attuned to your Spirit at work in our lives, our community, our world.

Spirit of Love – fill the whole earth with your light, your consolation, and your love.

Spirit of light – dispel all darkness.

Spirit of Truth – make us true & faithful in all our relationships.

Spirit of Communion– be the guide & source of unity in our lives.

Spirit of Courage – give us unfailing strength to witness to your Word.

Spirt of Power – shape our World with love, peace, justice & hope.

Spirit of Joy – enkindle passion within us that your love may radiate through the witness we give.

Spirit of Pentecost – give us courage to walk with those in our communities who feel on the edges.

We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen

Other Resourses

Here are a few generic resources contributed by Frank Brown Parish Pastoral Worker

10 Bible Apps & Websites
A Guide Tour of the Bible
Personal Influences on reading Scripture
Share your Story

Event Posters

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Download PDF – Programme at a glance