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Nick Park was raised in Belfast and was won to Christ through the ministry of the Salvation Army. After graduation and ordination from the William Booth Memorial Training College in London, he and his wife, Janice, served as Salvation Army Officers in Leicester, and then in pastoral ministry with the Assemblies of God in Lancashire. In 1994 they started the Solid Rock Church – known as ‘Ireland’s Multicultural Church.’ They also founded the ministry of the Church of God in Ireland. Nick still serves as Senior Pastor of the Solid Rock Church, while Janice serves as Worship and Prayer Pastor.

Nick is Administrative Bishop of the Church of God in Ireland, holds an MTh in Applied Theology from the University of Liverpool, and is Adjunct Professor in Church Growth at the Eurasian Theological Seminary in Moscow, Russia. He has been twice elected to the International Executive Council of the Church of God.
Nick and Janice Park have a daughter, Kirsty, and live in a village in County Louth.


Accounting for the Hope that is in Us:  June 11 (Blessington)

Accounting for the Hope that is in Us:  June 12 (Clontarf)