A Journey with Gods Word

This year for Ecumenical Bible Week we are delighted to offer a very user friendly series of reflections on Scripture called Hearing, Happening and Hoping. This series of reflections has been specially compiled by a Scripture Team from various parts of Ireland Jane Mellett (Dublin), Maureen Kelly and Marie Mc Namara (Killaloe), Philip Carder (Armagh) and Seamus O Connell (Maynooth)

Scripture Reflections are provided based on the readings for Pentecost and Trinity Sunday and a mid-week reflection based on the theme passage from Romans 10:17

They are easy to use and allow the reader to meet with God as they simply slowly read the words of the Sacred text and provide an opportunity to hear and listen to what God is saying.

As the reader encounters God through reading they discover what is happening in their lives and world around them and then turn the reader is moved to pray (hoping) and invite Gods action in their lives or to give thanks for His presence.

Finally, the reader is gently guided through this reflective process by a series of key verses and questions to consider.

The Scripture resource can be simply downloaded from the direct link below and used during your personal prayer and devotions during this special week to have a fresh encounter with God through His Word.


Hearing, Happening, Hoping is a resource which aims to help us to listen more deeply to the Sunday Gospel and to reflect on where we see this Gospel happening in our lives and in the world around us. It is a very simple and easy-to-use method which can be led by anyone. It invites people to share from their own experience. During Ecumenical Bible Week 2017 we are inviting parishes to engage with the Scriptures in this way.

There is a one page handout for Sunday 3rd June and Sunday 12th June which you may use to guide a group through this way of reading the Scriptures. Each session ends with a time for prayer and looking forward in hope.

This is an ideal resource to use in your parish community with Scripture groups, Lectio groups, those who have completed the weeks of guided prayer, etc. Or people could simply gather in a small group to use this resource to reflect together on God’s Word. Some parishes have decided to make them available for people to take home with them after Church Services by making copies available or including them with the Church newsletters or downloadable from their web sites. Whatever way you decide to use ‘Hearing, Happening, Hoping, we hope that it will help you to attend to the Word of God more deeply.

With every good wish for your Bible Week initiatives: Jane Mellett (Dublin) Sr. Marie McNamara & Maureen Kelly (Killaloe), Seamus O’ Connell & Jessie Rogers (Maynooth), Philip Carder (Armagh).

If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive this resource for Lent and Advent please email jane.mellett@dublindiocese.ie

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